So what is Woodturners.UK all about

The whole point of is to give UK wood turners a cheap fully customisable web presence. By sharing the cost of the Domain Name each turner can have a personal sub domain that they can control.

Some side benefits from doing this together

Some downsides

Who is this for?

Obviously this is aimed at Woodturners, would be foolish for anyone else to use this service. Professional, Semi Professional, Artist, Production Turner, Hobbyist, all are welcome as long as you use a lathe to shape wood.

Why would you use it? It gives you control of your web footprint at low cost, has the added advantage of the "group" many of us sort of know each other through gatherings, social media etc. woodturners are usually good at helping each other learn and grow so why not help each other to build a web presence as well.

You can use this site as a vanity project, showing off some of your work, a publicity platform linking your YouTube Facebook etc. A sales point selling direct or listing your outlets. Or just a memorable link to another website as I have done with

What does it cost?

There is a once off setup fee of £40 this buys you just enough of my time to set up the site template and covers your first years running cost.

From there I charge £10 a year to cover costs of Domain name, hosting space etc. This also acts as a failsafe switch unpaid renewals get the site taken down, (you can also request this at any time).

Extra optional costs can be paid if you wish / need:-


written by Pete Ravenscroft 2021