There are options on how you use your WoodTurners.UK website, the easiest is to use the web development software provided. This is a WYSIWYG software that allow you to add text and images to your site to create the online content that suits you.

For an extra setup fee you can have full FTP access to allow you to develop in any offline software and upload it to your website, though that option is for those familiar with web development, so is not covered in this guide.

To edit your website simply enter the name of address of the website followed by /admin there you will be prompted to login. An inital login name and password will have been emailed you when your site was created, it is vital that you change the password to a secure one ASAP.

Security Top


The provided template driven software is designed to be used from any browser anywhere so you can edit your website from home, work, or sat on a beach.

This is guarded by YOUR password, first thing you need to do when taking on a website is change the password. This section is to guide you through that process both initially and down the line when you think it needs changing.

There is a failsafe if you forget your password, a new one can be created and emailed to you, so it is important that the Email address is correct on your profile as well.

To change password

  • A, Select Settings from any Admin page to open this one
  • B, Website Name and URL should not be changed
  • C, Ensure that the Email address is valid and one you can receive Email on
  • D, Enter a new password and confirm it
  • E, Finally click Save Settings
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written by Pete Ravenscroft 2021